Madeleine Robins

August 8, 2011

Cats and Boyfriends

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I have been derelict, for which I apologize.  And I really ought to write a post for first, but I’m mulling something over there, after several posts about Regency sewing (!) and here I can talk about less, um, historical things.  Like cats.  And old boyfriends.

I no longer have cats because we’re all allergic to them.  While it was just me, and I was acclimated to my late cat Alexis, this didn’t matter.  Then I got married and had a kid and, sixteen months into the kid’s life, my husband spent a week in the ICU because of allergies and severe asthma, and I had to reevaluate.  Alexis lived the rest of his feline life with a former roommate of mine who bravely took him on when I had to send him away.

I no longer have the boyfriend because, well: married someone else.

But cat and boyfriend intersected in my single days in a, well, singular way. (more…)


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