Will there be another Sarah Tolerance book?

YES!   I am currently working on a new (as yet untitled) book in the series, and am about three-quarters of the way through.

Why the switch from Forge for the series?

The economics of publishing.  The books sold very nicely in hardcover, then went out to the chain bookstores in paperback and…did not.  Partly, I suspect, because they are a hard to place in the right section: are they mysteries? historicals? alternate-history? romance?  I think they’ll work better for a small press like Plus One, with a different marketing strategy.

What else have you been writing?

Sold for Endless Rue, a straight historical, was published in 2013.  It is set in early 13th century Salerno, site of the first medical school in Europe, where women as well as men were trained as, and practiced as, doctors, and it is (structurally, at least) patterned on Rapunzel.

What about genre work?

I am also outlining a present day fantasy set in San Francisco, and working on a couple of short stories.

Will there ever be a sequel to The Stone War?

I’ve toyed with the idea–I have a title, a focal character, and a setup for it–but it’s not the first thing on the list right now.

What’s with the cakes?

Baking is a creative outlet that is wholly different from writing. In the end, the success of a cake lies in its deliciousness: if it tastes good it doesn’t have to look perfect. On the internet, you can’t taste them, but I’ve put some of the pretty ones up.


“Wedgewood” birthday cake.