Writing gives me the chance to focus on many of my fascinations: with cities, history, swordplay, the history of disease, and the future of mankind–with a side order of historical costuming and infrastructure (waste management is far more interesting than you’d think).

I have been, in no particular order, a nanny, a teacher, an actor and stage-combatant, an administrator, a comic book editor, a baker, typist-clerk for Thos. Cook’s Houses of Parliament office, a repairer-of-hurt-books, an editorial consultant, and most recently, manager of the American Bookbinders Museum.  I hold a degree in Theatre Studies from Connecticut College, and attended the Clarion Science Fiction Workshop in 1981.  I’m currently a member of the Treehouse Writers blog, where my opinions on everything from politics to screaming goats appear bi-weekly..

A lifelong and passionate fan of all things urban, I now live in San Francisco with my family, a bossy geriatric dog, and one hegemonic lemon tree.

Celebration cake for my father, 1913-2011.