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A Loss: Vonda N. McIntyre

Vonda died yesterday. She was one of my favorite writers: the author of Dreamsnake and The Exile Waiting, and the gorgeous The Moon and the Sun, the woman who in passing gave Mr. Sulu a first name. She was a smart, complex, generous person; I always had a sense of “huh, Vonda McIntyre knows who I am,” but that was me being star-struck, not Vonda being a star. She was also a pivotal member of Book View Cafe, and she will be missed by all of us. She finished her… Read more A Loss: Vonda N. McIntyre


WARNING: do not read if details about tooth problems give you collywobbles. When I turned 21, my father took me out to dinner and gave me a piece of Fatherly Advice: take care of your teeth. This was more heartfelt even than it might have been, since Dad had, for about 20 years, neglected his teeth, and the bill, in every imaginable sense, had recently come due. I inherited many sterling qualities from my parents. I don’t know which one gifted me with my teeth (I suspect my father, but… Read more Teeth