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Category: Around the House

Can You Wear the Bottoms of Your Trousers Rolled When You Don’t Wear Trousers?

This photo was taken when Emily, the household dog, was a spry young animal of four or five: she is vigilantly looking out on our street, watching for skateboarders or other dogs. Skateboarders are her particular abhorrence. These days Em doesn’t stand in the window surveilling. Her hearing is not so great, her eyesight’s iffy, and more than that, her knees are in bad shape. When she was about six she tore the right ACL and required surgery (and six weeks of tranquilizers so she would hold still and heal),… Read more Can You Wear the Bottoms of Your Trousers Rolled When You Don’t Wear Trousers?

My Mother Went Out for Lemons

What is your earliest memory? Mine is from when I was somewhere between two and three years old. I’ve heard that it’s unusual to remember anything that early. So I’m unusual: when my mother was still alive I asked her if the following thing ever happened and (subject to the Rashomon effect of her recollection being different from mine) I can say that it did. As a small child my family lived in the top two floors (or more properly, the top floor and an attic) of a brownstone on… Read more My Mother Went Out for Lemons

Black Thumb

My mother used to have a little sign by her bed that said “A garden can be fun…if you don’t have one.” I’ve never been sure if this meant she was anti-gardening (she was a killer weeder) or just anti-my father’s whole-hearted dive into gardening. I am feeling much in sympathy with Mom today. After spending a couple of hours proof-reading new Book View Cafe releases (watch the skies… in about a month) I decided I would go out and gather up the rotting lemons in the backyard. See, we… Read more Black Thumb