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I’m pleased to announce the publication of Sold for Endless Rue, in May, from Forge Books.

Sold for Endless Rue

Inspired by the tale “Rapunzel,” and set at the medieval medical school of Salerno, Sold for Endless Rue is a moving, eloquent novel of three generations of women, bound to each other by love and duty.

Salerno, Italy, in the 13th century is home to the world’s first medical school, a temple of learning that admits both men and women. The city is filled with medicos and their patients, but in the hills, people seek help from midwives and hedge-witches like Crescia.

One tumultuous day Crescia saves the life of a fugitive, Laura, who becomes her daughter and apprentice. Soon Laura’s skill at healing surpasses Crescia’s and the older woman enrolls her at the Scuola. The Scuola opens vistas of learning, friendship, and love. Knowledge takes her from the Crescia’s cottage to fame and wealth as a medica in the city, but love shapes a bitter kernel in her heart–and brings her a stolen child, Bieta. Laura swears to keep her daughter safe from the hurt and loss she herself suffered

As in “Rapunzel,” Crescia cannot keep her daughter from the world. Whatever her mother’s wishes, Bieta will venture from the towers of the Scuola, to find her destiny.

* * *

After more than 30 years, all five of my early Regency romances are again available as e-books!


Althea • My Dear Jenny • The Heiress Companion • Lady John • The Spanish Marriage


Available now, DRM free and in various formats, at Book View Café, Amazon, and Barnes and Noble.

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